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Oren on settling Palestinians in Sinai

Amir Oren, Haaretz's military correspondent, has a shocking editorial today in which he advocated settling the Palestinians in northern Sinai to solve Israel's "demographic problem":

The only natural expanse for the surplus Palestinian population is in northern Sinai, along the coastal plain south of Rafah until Lake Bardawil and the city of Al-Arish. A new and comfortable Gaza Strip can be duplicated along this strip of coast, comparable in quality to the French and Italian Riviera. The difficulty of course lies in Egyptian sovereignty over Sinai and the concept of the sanctity of land to its owners. The principle prevails here over any benefit.

No kidding. Israel, a state created mostly by European settlers who were not born in historic Palestine, rather than deal with the fact that its occupation of Gaza and the Occupied Territories is illegal and immoral, should simply move the Palestinians to Sinai, which belongs to a third party. Israel wins, everybody else loses: it's the only way to solve matters!