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EU on anti-Semitism

The report that the European Commission prevented from being printed has been unofficially posted for download on an EU website. The report is said by Jewish organizations to have been held because it linked anti-Semitism with Muslim and Arab immigrant communities in Europe, although the EU itself gives different reasons:

In February this year, the Management Board of the EUMC, which consists of independent experts in the field of human rights, took a collective decision to continue its research on anti-Semitism with a view to publishing a comprehensive report at a later stage, rather than making public the final draft of the Synthesis Report by the Berlin Centre. This decision was based on the EUMC's mandate to provide reliable, objective and comparable data to the Community and its Member States. Year on year the EUMC strives to improve the reliability, objectivity and comparability of the information it delivers on all forms of racism. In this case the data set was considered too narrow to proceed with a publication.

. Read for yourselves and come up with your own conclusions.