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Anti-Mubarak protest pictures

You can find a few pictures I took at the demo with my phone here. Unfortunately, they're not very high-res. I also a few video clips but I think most users won't be able to view them without special software. I can put them up on demand or if I can find a way to convert them to a more universal format.

On another note, as I watched the clips again, I realized that when the demonstrators sang the national anthem, they were actually not using the right words. I didn't realize at the moment but when re-listening it became quite clear. It was also confirmed by this AP story on the event.

On Sunday, the protesters dispersed peacefully within an hour, singing a revised version of the Egyptian national anthem: "My country, you still have oppression in politics and economics. You need revolution, my country."

The real lyrics are: "My country, you have my love and my heart."

If you can view 3GP files (I can with Quicktime Pro for Mac OS X), click here to see that clip.