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New issue of ARB, plus TBS

Abu Aardvark highlights some of the most interesting articles in the current issue of the Arab Reform Bulletin here. A lot of stuff on media. On a similar topic, I've just discovered the Transnational Broadcasting Journal, published by the American University in Cairo, which has a bunch of articles on the Arab media in its current issue. Highlights:

  • An interview with Sheikh Qaradawi, probably the most influential Islamist thinker today

  • An interview with Ahmed Farrag, a pioneer of Arab religious broadcasting, by Lindsay Wise.

  • An article on Dubai's media transformation by Humphrey Davies, the fantastic translator of the Cairene literary phenomenon The Yacoubian Building

  • An article on Al Jazeera's code of ethics by Abdullah Schlieffer, a professor of journalism at the American University in Cairo who featured prominently in the recent documentary on Al Jazeera, Control Room.