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The Rabat Summit: The Admin Responds

Obviously peeved at poor press reviews, the admin is responding that some good did come out of the Moroccan-held "Fourm of the Future," according to the post this morning.

The key passage:

"The Arab-Israeli issue is a very important issue in that region, just to state the obvious," one official acknowledged at a briefing for about two dozen journalists. But he said reporters, who were not permitted inside the conference rooms during the Rabat session, missed the bigger picture.

"There is a sense of urgency that you felt in the room as you heard countries talking about the importance of reform," he said. "What has changed is that we have created a mechanism now for countries to participate fully with their neighbors in the room to talk about issues of reform."

Created a mechanism? What does that mean? A meeting is now a mechanism to facilitating reform?

A sense of urgency? Are we now meeting and interpretating the atmosphere as a sign of conferences' success/failure?

This is "project 3000" - refoming the Arab world by year 3000.

Excuse me for being critical and cynical.... I did not understand the fuller picture. I need to start reading between the subtle feelings and lines of such events before lashing out.

I am glad the world is ordered again and progress/reform is coming. I'll just sit and wait for it to come.....