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Al Hiwar

Here is a blog I just discovered today after its author left a comment on the previous post: Al Hiwar. It's run by Stacey Philbrick, who describes herself as a

Ph.D. candidate in Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania, living in Cairo and conducting research in Lebanon and Yemen. I work on the transformation of discourse within Islamist parties in the Lebanese and Yemeni parliaments. Generally speaking, I'm one of those people who think that words matter.

It looks pretty interesting, and recent posts include topics such as press freedom in Yemen, Al Manar on Tantawi, Yemeni cleric Sheikh Al Zindani, and the Taif Accords and Lebanese electoral law. Interesting stuff.

(P.S. For those of you who use newsreaders, Stacey's front page has no RSS link that I could find, so I used Firefox's auto-detect feature to find it. It's here.)