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ADHR to come out independently next month

As expected, the latest Arab Human Development Report will be coming without the support of the UNDP logo, the Daily Star's Rami Khouri reports:

BEIRUT: The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is expected to decide within a week whether or not it will publish under its name the third "Arab Human Development Report" that has drawn strong American and Egyptian government criticism, according to the report's lead writer. If UNDP declines to publish the report, Egyptian scholar Nader Fergani told The Daily Star in a telephone interview from Cairo, the report's 20-member advisory board of Arab scholars and intellectuals will publish it themselves next month through a new, independent organization to be established in Beirut.

As the article explains, it's likely the ADHR team will have little problem finding funding, so they will be able to continue their work with a fourth and final report on the empowerment of women. We published here an interview with Fergany a couple of weeks ago.