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Friedman's insanity

In Thomas Friedman's offering today, he tells us good things are happening in Iraq.

If this does not fill-up your daily intake of insanity, read on as Tom descends into a full-fledged 'wait and see' approach in what can only be described as a bridge too far.

As he argues, "Egypt and Syrian-occupied Lebanon both have elections this year. Watch how the progressives and those demanding representative government are empowered in their struggle against the one-man rulers in Egypt and Syria - if the Iraqi experiment succeeds."

Tommy, the Iraqi project is failing, the elections in Lebanon and Egypt will witness interference (in Egypt they already have), and this business about empowerment against one-man rule is just obscure.

I think it is time to dip into the NYT travel account and take a trip through the region. I suggest Tommy go to Saudi first to watch the staggered nationwide elections . As Praktike notes, Crown Prince Abdullah has declared Saudi a democracy now.

Its scary when Wonderland starts making sense in comparison to one's reality. I hereby declare every country a democracy. Now can please we move the debate on further.
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