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New English-Language Publication in Cairo

Just a heads-up to the Arabist's readers.

A lot of longerish Cairo-based journalists and former staff from the Cairo Times are starting up a new English-language publication called "Cairo". It will be a weekly publication - slated for Thursday street releases - and will cover Egyptian (and regional) news, business, and leisure topics.

The print magazine has not been released yet but I spoke with one of the editor's today, who informed me that the zero-issue is in circulation and some stories are on the Web. I also attended a meeting for the new publication a few weeks back and the mag has a lot of positive energy.

"Cairo"can be found at

I am sure the staff will appreciate the traffic and thoughts on the new venture.

Alf Mabrouk and best of luck to the CM - I am sure it will quickly reclaim the CT's place in the market as it sets new standards of quality and news coverage about Masr. To many productive years...