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Al Ghad is out

The newspaper, that is. It took changing the editor-in-chief -- the bete noire of Egyptian journalist, Ibrahim Eissa, had to go -- and it seemed to have been slightly delayed so that the prosecutor's office could take a look at it, but it is on the market in Cairo.

I haven't found a copy yet but here's what the BBC is reporting:

Al-Ghad's first edition reports that Mr Nour, who chairs the paper's board of directors, asked the party to nominate him as its candidate in the presidential election.

A full-page article is devoted to the constitutional amendment brought in by Mr Mubarak in late February, which allows more than one candidate to stand for the first time.

The paper says opposition parties would find it difficult to present a competitive candidate "as a result of living for nearly 25 years under emergency laws".

The newspaper's publication is likely to be seen as a test of Mr Mubarak's new commitment to open elections.

A senior newspaper official said security officials had demanded a complete rewrite of the front page but eventually backed down and allowed the edition to go out unaltered, Reuters news agency reports.

Earlier news reports has claimed that the paper had been banned.