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Australian Radio Interview

Shameless plug of the week.....

Last night Wael Nawara, the Assistant to al-Ghad party's president Ayman Nor, and I participated in an interview about Egyptian reform by Alan Saunders on Australia's ABC's Saturday Breakfast program.

We discussed Mubarak's announcement of amending Article 76 of the constitution, which will theoretically facilitate multi-candidacy, direct presidential elections. Also, we discussed Egypt's Islamists, the National Human Rights Council's Report, the NDP, and predictions on a post-Mubarak era.

To listen to the interview, go to ABC's Saturday Breakfast page.

Where it says Listen Real Media or Windows Media, choose the 7.10am option depending on how you stream. The program is 49:59 minutes long. If you fast forward to around 32:30, the interview begins shortly after and lasts for about 10 minutes.

If you have some time, listen in.