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Netanyahu has Arab cooks locked up while dining

Who wouldn't want to kill this guy?

Arab staff locked in kitchen

By Inigo Gilmore

The Daily Telegraph
21 April 2005

A VISIT to a Jerusalem restaurant by former Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu provoked a furious reaction from the chef after security officials locked several Arab staff in the kitchens as the politician's party dined. Mamdouh Abu Kalabin said that Mr Netanyahu, finance minister in Ariel Sharon's government, sent security staff to the Mul Hahar an hour before his arrival.

They scrutinised the identity cards of the restaurant's five Arab employees, led them to the kitchen, and locked the door. "I was insulted." the furious chef told the Yediot Ahronoth newspaper yesterday. "Had I wanted to kill Netanyahu, I could have put something in the food."

An official from Mr Netanyahu's office said they regretted any offence caused.