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By Issandr El Amrani and friends.

Stories/Rumors About Town

Last evening, I met up with my shilla (gang). It was partly a get-together to relax in the aftermath of the previous days, but also an apt setting to compare notes.

Two interesting points are worthy of sharing (although there were others).

The Wafd newspaper sent a journalist out to see how many times he could vote during voting hours on the 25th. The reporter managed to vote eight times around Cairo (although he did not mention which way he voted).

The information ministry's press center is circulating an email and trying to touch base with Human Rights Watch in an effort to do, in their words, "damage control".

NDP Policies Secretariat Chairman, Gamal Mubarak, is holding a press conference on Sunday at the Four Seasons. While I did not receive an invite (why should I have?), I may just have some friends who are ready with questions to pose to Mr. Mubarak.

Stay posted for the press conference's details at the Arabist.