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The Arabist

By Issandr El Amrani and friends.

al-`Arabi newspaper delayed

al-`Arabi newspaper, the voice of the Nasserist opposition party, has been delayed for at least 24 hours. Usually, the highly critical paper is released on Sunday morning but can be picked up at a news-agent on Saturday night.

The paper's editorial staff is saying that it has been delayed but will be available by this evening.

It seems censorship/delays are on the rise in the wake of last week - with the Brotherhood's site only intermittently available and the Kifaya site down.

Updates to follow.


I spoke to Abd al-Halim Qandil and there appears to have been a problem with al-`Arabi's computers rather than a censorship issue.

Yesterday was a slightly paranoid day for censorship. But…one has that in such a climate.

Apologies for jumping to conclusions.