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The Arabist

By Issandr El Amrani and friends.

al-`Arabi's Front Page


This morning I grabbed a copy of al-`Arabi. Without reading an article or a column yet, it is safe to say it is the Egyptian paper most critical of last week's events.


Below the pictures of three different women being assaulted, the headlines say:

"The Police in the service of 'sexually assaulting' Egyptian women'"

"We Demand President Mubarak to Apologize to the Egyptian People"

"The Journalist Syndicate demands the resignation of the interior minister and prosecution of those responsible for the crimes of Black Wednesday"

"Popular and international protests insist the Regime open the door to investigations in front of the Prosecutor General"

After I get the opportunity to read Abd al-Halim Qandil and Abdalla al-Senawi, I will try to give a summery of what is sure to be harshly worded editorials.