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National Council for Human Rights Article in MER

Egypt's NCHR has been been a subject of fierce debate on the Arabist.

An Arabic version of the NCHR report is available here. For debate on this blog, see here.

In the latest print edition of MERIP (Summer 2005), which was published in early June, I published an article discussing it and the first annual report.

For those of you I personally or electronically know, you should have already received a copy.

Now, it is available to all the Arabist's readers.

The article can be found here.

Have at it and all feedback is welcome.
Since MERIP does not publish acknowledgments, please bear with me as I thank some folks now.

Many thanks to Maye, Jonathan Noble, Ursula Lindsey, and Hossam al-Hamalawy. Also, special thanks to Chris Toensing and the editorial staff at MERIP for all their marvelous work and suggestions.