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Youth For Change Update

Youth For Change - the younger and newer activists on the protest scene - have a little news. Sponsors of yesterday's demo against the Rice visit as well as last week's protest in Sayida, Y-4-C is reporting that those detained from their group by Egyptian authorities last week are being released.

According to an email from a Y-4-C organizer, the names of the detained are:

Mamdouh Mohamed Makram - Asiut - member of the hamla (that is the popular campaign for change, as
opposed to the popular movement for change). He was arrested while
hanging banners that talk about freedom.
Mohammed Shafiq and Ahmed Said - Cairo - youth for change members
arrested in the metro after distributing leaflets written in Colliqual Egyptian Arabic about the deteriorating state of health, education and lack of jobs (released
on bail after being interrogated without laywers)
Mostafa Khalil - Mansoura - Kifaya member arrested for putting Kifaya stickers on the walls of his house that face the street.
Khadiga Mohamed Madkour - Kifaya member- was assaulted on the referendum
protest and one of the women who pushed charges. I have no idea what was the
reason/excuse for her arrest.


In another email, the organizer writes:

I just recieved an email confirming the release of all Kifaya related
The prosecutor general called to personally check their release and
informed someone in Mansoura that Kifaya stickers are free speech or
something to that effect.

Also tomorrow in Shubra, the protests resume. Pictures and reports to follow.