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By Issandr El Amrani and friends.

Protest Detainee Update

This post is mostly speculation.

It is based off of rumor and information that is being passed around through phone calls and text messages regarding the cases of the detainees picked up during the anti-Mubarak demo on Saturday.

What is Known:

First off - there were 24 people detained. According to HR activist Ahmad Saif al-Islam, 2 are in bad shape.

The detainees seemed to have been shuffled back and forth from el-Darrassa military camp to the procesctors and Amn al-Dawla's offices in Masr Gadida. This morning they were sent back to el-Darrassa.

Families and friends of the detained held a sit-in at the General-Proscecutor's office at the supreme court (Dar al-Qada al-Aliya).

Around 430pm this afternoon, the General-Proscetor ordered all of the detained released on bail.

This may, however, only be a small victory.

Sound Rumor:

There is a likelihood that those detained will be charged. I heard the charges that could be levied are:

1) Assaulting police officers

2) Damaging state property

3) Criticizing the government of being corrupt (don't ask me, I don't have a clue about this charges constitutional placement)

4) Holding a demonstration without permission

Naturally, charges 1-3 are suspect. BUT - should the state wish to push this - charge #4 could be used against those recently released.

I am not implying it is fair but it is the way it is unfortunately.

Unsubstantiated Rumor:

There is a story circulating (since last evening) that 8 arrest warrants have been issued to pick up top Kifaya leadership. Kamil Khalil, George Ishaq, and Amin Iskandr were names that were talked about. I have been periodically checking and have not heard that anyone has been served. No one seems to know much about it beyond that.

The Arabist will continue to monitor and update when information is reasonably well confirmed. The situation is, however, very fluid and constantly changing.