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nec plus ultra

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Maybe you've graduated from Fox gun-camera footage to those yee-ha Iraq smackdown vids on (checked out that guard tower footage of Brit soldiers dragging the kids into their compound and beating the crap out of them?).

If so, then this little vacation package might just be for you. It’s put on by a noble Israeli organization that seeks to do nothing but good in this world through … well, let’s let their web-blurb speak (a little polyvalently) for itself:
we are dedicated to providing legal representation and resources for the numerous courtroom struggles, which are being waged in the Israeli, American and European courts on behalf of the Jewish State.

The tour, billed as the "Ultimate Mission," is priced at around USD2,000 for an “intensive eight day exploration of Israel’s struggle for survival.� This includes “Live exhabition [sic] of penetration raids in Arab territory� and “Inside tour of … secret intelligence bases,� not to mention full (kosher) board, a knowledgeable guide and "Luxury bus transportation."

While the website doesn’t say whether you actually get to place an Arab in a “stress position� or waterboard a Palestinian, you do get to meet “senior Cabinet Ministers� and stay at the Sheraton Plaza in Jerusalem.

Quite how this dovetails with their noble mission of providing the put-upon state of Israel with legal assistance is unclear, but who cares? It’s yee-ha time!