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By Issandr El Amrani and friends.

Rosa al-Youssef hits new rock bottom

It's unbelievable what Rosa al-Youssef is doing these days. The daily paper, which is regarded as close to Gamal Mubarak's NDP Policies' Secretariat, is launching a crusade against journalist/blogger and friend Wael Abbas for helping to expose the downtown Cairo molestation fiesta during Eid.

The horrific incidents went unreported by the local media, except for Al-Masry Al-Youm which published an article about it yesterday based on the bloggers' testimonies. MP Mustafa Bakri has submitted questions to the government today about the incidents, while the Interior Ministry is claiming nothing happened, as always.

Karam Gabr, the paper's editor is claiming Wael is fabricating the incidents using his "sick fantasies", and started the usual overdose of flag-waving with accusations of "defaming Egypt's image" BS.

Gabr is the same guy who back in the summer was claiming that Mohamed Sharqawi was also fabricating stories about his torture and sexual abuse.

Shame on you Rosa! And as for you Gabr, your seat in President Gamal Mubarak's Ministry of Truth is surely waiting...