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Gang of beggars kills homeless children

Very disturbing:

Cairo - Egyptian police have uncovered a gang of beggars that raped and killed several homeless children, the official al- Akhbar newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The suspects have admitted to murders in several governorates.

So far the police have found two bodies and are looking for more.

The investigation began when a group of homeless children filed a complaint that one of their colleagues, a 15-year-old, had disappeared. A search team was formed and his body was found in a desolate area in Tanta, north of Cairo. One suspect was arrested.

The suspect admitted that he was a member of a gang of beggars who lured homeless children, raped them and then killed them. Four members of the gang were subsequently arrested.

The gang confessed that one year ago they lured a child on the Alexandria train to a tunnel in the suburb of Shoubra al-Kheima, raped him and then killed him. Police checked the tunnel and found the remains of a boy.

The gang also confessed to throwing a teenager in front of a train.

The number of victims remains unclear and police are still searching for other suspects.
While this kind of stuff probably happens everywhere, I'm always surprised when it happens in Egypt.