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More details are emerging about Abdel Kareem's case that make me wanna puke.
According to HR-INFO, Kareem was expelled from Al-Azhar University, the so called most prestigious Sunni institution in the world (bla bla bla), for his "secular ideas." And if that isn't bad enough, the university itself reported him to the authorities. The religious academics have turned into police informers, it seems.
Free Kareem!

Abdel Kareem was interrogated not on any incidents or crimes he committed, but according to HR-INFO, the prosecutor's questions were all like: "Do you pray? Do you fast?"....
Kareem is now in police custody, pending investigation into the following charges:
-Spreading statements and rumours that disturb public security
-Insulting the President of the Republic
-Agitating for overthrowing the regime
-Agitating for hatred against Islam
-Misrepresenting Egypt, and hurting its image.
As you can see, the list of charges are similar to those of the Spanish Inquisitions or witch hunting in Medieval Europe. I expect in the future, the prosecutor will ask us questions like, do you own a black cat? Do you repeat Mubarak's name before going to sleep?

You can find more details about the case (in Arabic) here.

UPDATE: Here's HR-INFO's statement in English.