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Valley of the Wolves

Nur Al Cubicle writes of a new Turkish movie, Valley of the Wolves, that is highly critical of the US in Iraq and seems to be a form of revenge for the curt treatment given Turkish troops in northern Iraq in 2003:
So this is what happens after 40 years of NATO membership. The US partnership and its nuclear umbrella are ripped to shreds in this film --one you'll never see in North America but it is showing in all cinemas in Turkey.
Breaking every box office record in the history of the country, the film is about a Turkish avenger who punishes the US military for the humiliating arrest and expulsion of a small Turkish contingent discovered near Sulaymaniyeh in spring 2003. The filmmakers spare no outrage to the audience, showing the US military engaged in defiling mosques, bombing wedding feasts and running a brisk organ trade out of Abu Ghraib prison.
If this film is any indication, the Turkey-Israeli axis is about to crumble. We shouldn't be surprised that Turkey has invited Hamas leaders to Ankara.

A tip of the hat to blogger Au fil de Bosphore
I'm not sure about his political conclusions, but there is a bit in the original French-language blogpost that seems to indicate these anti-US sentiments are pretty commonplace:
This movie reminds me a book that was a bestseller last year. Metal Storm was about a world war between Turkey and the US that was sparked by an incident in... Iraq. It sold 400,000 copies, or twice as many as the Da Vinci Code.
Don't make a Turk angry.

Update: Here's another movie critical of US policy -- this time it's Gitmo.