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Nagham Masry

I got this email yesterday:

Invitation for Street Singing

We invite all Egyptians, Nagham Masry Band fans, lovers of Sheik Imam and Fo'ad Nigm's songs, those who love singing, and those who love Egypt, to come to a street evening performance.

Time: Next Thursday, March 2, at 07:00 pm
Place: Tal'at Harb Square, Downtown

1- Great poets Fo'ad Nigm and Sayed Higab, and some young poets
2- Sherbini Ahmed and Nagham Masry Band
3- Young singers Fatma Adel and Zainab Fo'ad Nigm

Movement of Writers and Artists for Change invites all Egyptians to participate in the evening performance organized by the movement, in response to the cancellation of a concert that was to be given last Friday, by singer Sherbini Ahmed and his band, Nagham Masry, on the Geneina Theatre, at Al-Azhar Park.

The administration of the Geneina Theatre received, on the day of the concert, a phone call from the Azhar Park management ordering the cancellation of the concert of Nagham Masry on requests from the Cairo Governorate (The Governor's Office).

The cancellation accompanied by the closure of the theatre till unspecific date, was based on the claim that Nagham Masry Band songs include ones inciting hatred of the Egyptian regime.
Sounds fun. Looks like Kifaya and associated movements are still out there, even if you see them on the streets less often these days.