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For those few who haven't already seen this, check out the lyrics of Ahmad Fuad Negm's "congratulations" poem to Gamal Mubarak on his wedding. Negm performed the song on Thursday night in Talaat Harb Square. Here are the lyrics and explanation, cribbed from tomanbay (

مبروك يا عريسنا...يابو شنا و رنه"
يا و اخدنا وراثه...ا�رح و اتهني
و اطلع من جنه حود علي جنه
...مش �ارقه معانا و لا هاريه بدنا
...و لا تعبا قلوبنا و لا �اقعه ب*انا

يا عريس الغ�له اطلب و اتمني
ما حناش كارهينك...لكن عار�ينك
هاتكمل دينك...و تطلع دينا

Now, for the near impossible task of translating it to English.
A bit of Egyptian lingo first:
When somebody is said to have completed his faith, this means that he married (don't ask me why!) When it is said that his faith was kicked off, it means that he is being tormented. Capeesh?

Here goes:
Congrats our of fortune and fame
for who we're all merry, be game
We couldn't care less...we're not tormented by this
our hearts are not aching...nor do we give a piss

You groom of a doomed day...wish and order as you like
we don't hate you...but we know you're a tyke:
you'd complete your faith...only to kick ours the fuck out!!"