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Libya cabinet shuffle

Unpredicted random news from Libya: Qadhafi decided to name a new prime minister and create a whole bunch of new ministries (he must have woken up in a bad mood or something):
Mahmudi replaces former premier Shukri Ghanem, who had held the post since 2003. Ghanem is no longer part of the cabinet but will head the state-owned Libya National Oil Company, television said.

The announcement came as Libya's cabinet underwent a significant reorganisation with the creation of seven new ministries.

A General People's Congress, or parliament, source had earlier told AFP that four new posts were to be named, but did not elaborate on why the reshuffle in the oil-and-gas rich North African country was taking place.

The new ministries include agriculture, transportation, higher education, health, housing, social affairs, and industry and electricity which replaces the former energy ministry.
So what, before they didn't have ministries for these things?

Incidentally, this story says the shuffle suggests reform will slow down. And the French have sold a nuclear reactor to the Libyans.