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By Issandr El Amrani and friends.

Nour defense team and other Ghad members arrested

Gameela Ismail, Ayman Nour's wife, writes:

Unfortunately this regime is going madly nervous. Amid the judges reform movement crisis and the support given to it by civil society movements and parties, and amid the demonstrations for the last couple of weeks, Yesterday, the two main lawyers for Nour, Mr Amir Salem and Mr Ehab el Kholy, were taken and interrogated by state security prosecution for inciting masses and insulting the president. This would mean an introduction of getting imprisoned very soon, 3 weeks prior to the date set for Nour's appeal. 8 other Ghad members were imprisoned this week. All young energetic ones on the same charges and will stay for the next 15 days in prison.

Mr Salem,53, is the head of the Egyptian national organisation for Human rights and one of the founders of human rights in Egypt, He is also establishing a new party which carries the name of" justice and freedom", He has been very active in support of Nour's case previously and of judges reforms recently and backing them in their current requests, He is the head of "Lawyers for change movement" and finally, he is the head of Nour's defense team.

Ehab Kholy,43, is a liberal opposition political activist, head of the organisation committee at El Ghad party, Nour's lawyer and was also in charge of mobilizing members in support for judges and for Nour.

Emad Farid, executive director of El Ghad information and media center was also arrested, interrogated and imprisoned for 15 days.

I definitely can't go to European parliament, nor to Washington. unfortunately.due to all the serious developments. I'm also under theats of being detained. Regards,G