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A note about the blog

A few days ago, I arrived in my native city of Rabat, Morocco's sleepy and beautiful capital. Hence the lack of blogging over the weekend, even as some important Egypt-related stuff was happening. I am trying to keep up with people in Egypt via email, blogs and precious, precious Skype (thanks to Morocco's excellent and cheap cybercafés) in between working on some stuff here and sipping a lot of syrupy green tea with mint and going to the beach. (Finally, beaches with real waves rather than the too-warm and too-calm Mediterranean and Red Seas, which are glorified lakes if you ask me.)

I will be here until the end of July and hopefully will some interesting stuff to write about Morocco on the blog, as well as in those places that actually pay me.

So what about Egypt, where all hell is breaking out? Well, first of all, don't hold your breath for another July revolution. Secondly, I will be keeping an eye on what's happening there through the magic of the internet. And most importantly, I am getting info from people who are there, and there will within a few days be posts by some newcomers to the blog who are in Cairo. They will be introduced in time.

In the meantime, those of you who care about Egypt should check out some of solidarity demos around the world taking place on 25 May.

For those of you who don't, you can always look forward to more stuff on the Maghreb on this blog.

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