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Sandmonkey: random quotes from 25 May demo

Some of them are very touching, and others are very funny. (Especially Josh's quote about Abdel Kuddous.) Link.

"Tell your foreign friends to get away from here. That it's not safe for them. That within the next 10 minutes I can't gurantee their safety"
A plainclothed state-security agent to me

" They say they are not going anywhere. That they are not scared. They have been to Aghanistan and Iraq. You think that you can scare them after that?"
My reply to him

"Loving this country in this day and age is a crime. They have made loving this country a crime. Curse them"
A random guy on the street

"The MB are defintely not showing up!"
"Well, there is Mohamed Abdul Kuddous over there"
"Yeah, but he doesn't count. He will protest anything!"
Josh from the arabist and me