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By Issandr El Amrani and friends.

Activism Calender

The Liberties’ Committee and the Alliance of National Forces have called for a solidarity protest with the detainees, in front of the Press Syndicate tomorrow, Sunday, 7pm. The protest will last for an hour, followed by a conference inside the syndicate.

The Center for Socialist Studies, whose director Kamal Khalil is currently detained in Tora Prison, is organizing a series of weekly events too....

Free Kamal Khalil

Saturday, 17 June, 5pm: A conference of two workshops on “Change in Egypt�:

1-The lessons learned from struggles against dictatorships in other counties (Indonesia, Central Asia, Eastern Europe)

2-Several prominent political activists will address “What’s to be done?� in Egypt:

Ahmad Bahaa Eddin Sha3ban, Kefaya

Gamal Zahran, Parliamentarians Against Emergency Law

Gamal Fahmi, Press Syndicate Council

Mohamed Saleh, Engineers against Custodianship

Sameh Naguib, Center for Socialist Studies

Tuesday 20 June, 7pm: The World Cup, between sports and politics

Speaker: Fouad Mansour, Ahram Hebdo journalist