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By Issandr El Amrani and friends.

Support fired activist

Pro-democracy activist Ahmad El Droubi is to take legal action against his company, after he was dismissed for his political activism. Droubi had sent a letter of complaint to his management protesting his unfair dismissal, but as of the moment, WorleyParsons Komex has NOT replied. Droubi has joined the ranks of the ever-growing army of unemployed Egyptians.
Please express your solidarity with pro-democracy activist Droubi, and email the following message to his company directors.

Subject: Protesting an unjustified dismissal
Mr. Paul Hardisty, the CEO of the company,
Mr. Mohamed Abdel Gawad, Cairo office manager,
Mr. Juan Ramon, Madrid office manager,
And Ms. Marylou Lauria, Europe Headquarters EIA director.,,,

Dear Sir/Ms.,
I’m writing to protest the unjust dismissal of your Cairo office ecologist, Ahmad Yasser El Droubi, who was detained for 33 days in Tora Prison, for his solidarity with Egypt’s pro-democracy movement.
Firing an employee, for his peaceful political activism, goes against all labor rights regulations. To add insult to the injury, El Droubi was not paid for the work he actually completed during the month of April, prior to his detention.
Moreover, El Droubi received humiliating treatment from your Cairo office manager, Mr. Mohamed Abdel Gawad, who even instructed office staff to supervise El Droubi’s collection of his own personal items after ridiculing his human rights activities.
Due to aforementioned reasons, I demand that El Droubi be paid for work previously completed; in addition to compensating him for the unjust termination of his contract, either through re-instatement or by financial compensation.