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3alaa beaten up in 3omraniya police station

I received an SMS saying 3alaa was beaten up inside the notorious 3omraniya police station in Giza, where he's currently locked up, pending release, following an order by the State Security prosecutor two days ago.
I spoke with his wife Manal. She says 3alaa was moved from Luman Tora prison to State Security's premise in Giza (Gaber Ibn Hayyan), then to the 3omraniya police station last night, for the ever-lasting bureaucratic paper work. 3alaa was locked up in a tiny cell, full of criminals, some of whom were high on drugs and others were armed with knives and sharp objects, Manal said. Scuffles have broken out inside the cell between the criminals, who reportedly hit 3alaa several times. 3alaa spent the night standing on his feet, coz there was no room for him to sleep in that filthy cell. According to Manal, he managed to call her on the mobile phone, and he sounded in a very bad state, desperate to get out.
I called Ahmad Seif al-Islam, 3alaa's father. He is still hopeful his son will be released in few hours.
Some activists and 3alaa's family are standing at the moment in front of the police station awaiting the blogger's release. On hearing the news 3alaa was beaten up, other activists are now on their way to the police station to protest 3alaa's maltreatement.
This is bloody unbelievable! Let's hope 3alaa gets out soon!

UPDATE: I just received breaking news..... 3alaa released!!!!!!!!
I called his wife on the mobile, but his sister Mona replied instead. She said 3alaa was beside her, talking on two cellular phones.. but she said he's out... yes, finally out!!!! hohohohohoh!! MABROUK YA SHABAB! MABROUK YA TENNIN YA BAMBY!

UPDATE: Finally spoke with 3alaa. He's in great spirit. I asked him, "Shall we meet up soon?" He answered quickly, "Of course, next demo!" followed by a long laughter...

UPDATE: Nora Younis posted a photo of 3alaa with Manal at home following his release.