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By Issandr El Amrani and friends.

Leftist detainees released

Ibrahim el-Sahary, detained socialist journalist, called me five minutes ago. He's free! Cheerful! He said he and a group of the detainees were taken from Tora Prison to State Security Giza premise (Gaber Ibn Hayyan) few hours ago, before they were released, including Wael Khalil, Kamal Khalil, and the rest.

Mabrouk! It's a great day!

But again, we should NOT forget there are still two Youth for Change activists Mohamed el-Sharqawi and Karim el-Sha3er in Tora Prison, together with at least 700 Muslim Brothers detainees, after their arrest in pro-democracy demos. Their release is a cause leftists, liberals and Islamists have to lobby for.