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By Issandr El Amrani and friends.

Renditions exposed

The Council of Europe today came out with a bashing report on the US "ghost flights" in Europe, identifying a "spider's web" of landing points around the world airports, used by the CIA for its "extraordinary rendition" program, whereby Islamist suspects are moved around the world to secret detention and interrogation centers. The report also exposed 14 European countries, which are either "involved in or complicit" in the suspects' illegal transfer and detention.

Washington and several European capitals, stand accused, have rejected the report, saying it's solely based on "allegations."

British journalist, and friend, Stephen Grey sent me a Guardian report he wrote on the subject. Stephen has been investigating renditions and the global US-run Gulag since 2003, and has produced some of the best investigative pieces on the subject.

Here's also a Human Rights Watch report I co-authored on renditions to Egypt.