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A blog from Gaza

Excuse Dr. Mona El-Farra's poor English, her neighborhood is being bombed:

my freind hoda , lives next to the ministry of interior building , in Gaza, that was hit last night with 2 rockets ,the attack occured 2am yesterday,please forgive me about the accuracy , l am starting to lose track of days and nights , and how many times we were attacked , hoda told me that the whole building was shaking ,she went out ,with her pyjamas , all the residents were out in their night wear ,children faces were too pale ,some of them were crying hystiricaly,the fume filled the place , the flat next door were largely damaged(it is the next to the building that was targeted),where a fmily with 6 children live ,there was large fire, the firee brigades used her flat , to put off the fire, the Ministry of interior building was empty during the attack !!!!,the aim was revenge and destroyingof the building ,i live 150 meters from Hoda place , no body is safe no one is immune .what happened with Hoda reminded me with the night when Late president ARafat headquarters in Gaza were attacked , 2 years ago, i live nearby , and too close , that night 37 shelling hit that building,
. . .
how can i let you know what is my personal feelings , during this raids,if iam sleeping my bed shakes tremendously,my dauhgter jumps to my bed,shivering with fear then both of us end up on the floor ,my heart beats go very fast , and i had to pacify my daughter , now she knows we need to pacify eachother , she feels my fear, if iam awake i flinch up and scream loudly , i cannot helpmyself , ok iam a doctor and mature middleaged woman with large experience and an activist too,but with this booming i go hystirical ,after all we are all humans and each have its own threshold ,hearing the sound of breaking windows is frightening too , many tin roofs in the refujee camps colapsed on the heads of families , as a result of this booming ,hospitals received large number of phsychologicaly traumatised children.
From Gaza, with love.

Update: Fikr Shaltoot of Medical Aid for Palestinians is also keeping a blog on what's happening.