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By Issandr El Amrani and friends.

Sharqawi receives death threats in Tora

I have received troubling news from activist sources that Youth for Change detainee Mohamed el-Sharqawi has been subject to death threats in Tora prison, where he's currently detained.

3alaa has posted on his blog some details about Sharqawi's current ordeal.

Here's an English translation:
Mohamed Sharqawi is subject to death threats from the police informer who supervises his prison cell at Mahkoum Tora Prison. Sharqawi has been banned from leaving his cell, unlike other prisoners. He was also told by a State Security informer in prison that “we can get rid of you by a dirty needle in the bathroom that will infect you with any lethal disease.� Sharqawi is increasingly coming under abusive treatment since the release of Kefaya detainees. He’s been separated from Karim el-Sha3er since they received another renewal of their detention.

Sharqawi said during a prison visit on 10 July, “I’ve been subjet to hassles from some criminals, motivated by the police officers. One of the criminals who sympathized with me was also punished, in a warning message to anyone who helps or sympathizes with me.�