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Conspiracy Watch: EU, NATO to invade Israel

The item below made me laugh so much that I thought it might be good to start a semi-regular "Conspiracy Watch" to see the latest trends in conspiracy theories in the Middle East, a region which has produced more of its fair share of them. Today, foaming-at-the-mouth Jewish supremacists meet Montana militiamen. Here it goes:

Some time ago I noticed a small article in U.S. Defense News about the Europeans ‘somehow’ planning to employ NATO as their military arm as a Rapid Response Force. My alarm bells started ringing that this was a threshold move to gather sufficient military power to cross the Mediterranean Sea and occupy the Jewish nation of Israel, claiming it was a “necessary move toward regional peace” - for the good of all”. Nothing in that small article suggested that there was a far greater ‘Game Plan’, intended to pacify the Arab and Muslim oil nations by driving the Jews either onto a smaller sliver of land, as originally proposed by the U.N. or to extinction….whatever was doable first. That translates to seeing that which was not supposed to be seen.

Sometimes clues expose the intentions without the hard evidence of what is called the “‘smoking gun”. So, let’s start accumulating the bits and pieces which, by themselves, don’t tell all of the story but point us in the right direction.

. . .

A report entitled, “Israel, Foreign Preference - Foreign Influence Cases” in “INSIGHT MAGAZINE” of the Washington Times (3), said the Pentagon has sought to increasingly restrict access to Americans Jews with relatives in Israel for jobs in the FBI, CIA, NSA., etc. This report, authored by Sheldon Cohen, reviewed 47 security clearances hearings held by the Pentagon since 1996. Eighteen of the 47 applicants were granted clearances but the report cited other cases in which the Pentagon banned security clearance from dozens of Americans, mostly Jews, who either lived, worked or have relatives in Israel.

Within that article the authors outline the question posed by the Pentagon to American Jewish applicants for security clearance: “Would you be willing to join a U.S. attack on Israel and abandon your relatives if the Jewish State was threatened?” That’s like asking anyone: “If the situation arose where there is a choice of saving their mother or their father - or your daughter or your son? Who would you choose?” It’s a question that should never be asked and, if asked, never answered unless, of course, the game plan by Arabist moles in Washington is to, indeed, create a pretext to invade our ally, Israel.

When the Jews of Europe were gathered up for extermination by the German Nazis and Europeans, they too were asked exactly that question when they were off-loaded from the cattle cars before entering the Nazi death camps. For example, if a woman held two children, the Nazi officer would ask which child would she keep and which would she give up to be taken away.

Is this what the Pentagon questioners are asking to entrap the Jews? Will you fight against the country where your religion and soul resides or will you fight against that country because Arabists, slaved to oil, want the only Jewish nation to be obliterated as the Europeans - at the behest of the German Nazis attempted to do? Is this then the role to be adopted by American officers while telling the American people and Congress that, it’s not Saudi Arabia or other Muslim nations who hate America’s Judeo-Christian ethics but, somehow, it’s the Jewish nation which threatens our national security. If Hitler and Goebbels were able to sell this Orwellian psychosis to the German people, why not sell it to the Americans?