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Pro-Lebanese demos

A few dozen activists assembled on Sunday afternoon at the Lawyers' Syndicate, demonstrating in support of the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance. Here's a slideshow of protest pix by Nasser Nouri.

Later by 5pm, around 150 activists gathered to protest the Israeli military operations in front of the Doctor's Syndicate. A journalist who witnessed the demo sent me this report:
Around 150 demonstrators protested against Israel’s military strikes on Lebanon & the Palestinian territories on Sunday outside Dar el Hekma Doctor’s Syndicate in downtown Cairo.
The demonstrators chanted slogans in support of the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance groups, denouncing Israeli’s strikes, which have targeted civilians – including the Merwaha Massacre in which 12 Lebanese civilians were killed. The protestors also denounced Arab leaders, including Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad al-Saniora, as being “agents of the US,� and “complicit� in Israeli actions.
Israeli strikes on Lebanon have killed over 113 Lebanese since Wednesday, most of whom were civilian non-combatants. Israel is also said to have used internationally contraband weapons, including phosphorous bombs.
The demonstration was conducted in very tight quarters, some protestors demonstrated on the sidewalk outside the security cordon, a number of protestors were waving Palestinian, Lebanese, and Egyptian flags; two Israeli flags were burnt.
The demonstration was sealed in by black clad Central Security Forces – of which there were around 2,000, deployed in a long line of transport vehicles.

You can find a slideshow of the demo pix, by Nasser Nouri, here.