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By Issandr El Amrani and friends.

Sharqawi and Sha3er to be released!!!

I have just received news the State Security Prosecutor has ordered Sharqawi's and Sha3er's release!!!

The two are still in Tora, and won't be released before tomorrow...


Euphoria is sweeping across the activists' circles. My mobile is getting flooded by SMSs about Sharqawi’s release. I spoke with several Kefaya activists and rights lawyers over the phone, and I could hardly hear what they were saying as they were shouting and screaming cheerfully. At least two broke down in tears of disbelief while speaking as they had almost lost hope in seeing the two young men free soon.

Let’s hope Sharqawi’s and Sha3er’s release will go through quickly and that they will be freed tomorrow, without facing the same treatment 3alaa got on his release.

I want to thank every Arabist reader who expressed his/her support and solidarity with Sharqawi, Sha3er and the rest of the pro-democracy detainees.

There are still hundreds of MB detainees, like Dr. Essam el-Erian, languishing in Tora, following their arrest in pro-democracy demos, just like Sharqawi and Sha3er. I hope their release will come soon…