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Sharqawi's lawyer calls for release of MB detainees

Gamal 3eid--lawyer for Sharqawi and Sha3er, and the leftist director of the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information--issued a statement today, welcoming his clients' release, but called up on the newly appointed Public Prosecutor to investigate the Qasr el-Nil officers who are involved in Sharqawi's torture and put an end to police brutality; to curb the powers of State Security officers; and to release the Muslim Brothers prisoners of conscience.

3alaa has posted a very nice picture of Sharqawi, Sha3er and some of their fellow released detainees from Youth for Change here...

Wael 3abass posted more pix of Sharqawi and Sha3er here, in addition to his account of the day in Arabic.

And here's Malek's account of the day of Sharqawi's release.