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The Arabist

By Issandr El Amrani and friends.

Gas prices are up

Since last night I've been receiving news/rumours about an expected increase in gas prices starting from midnight. I haven't left home since last night, so I didn't check out any of the neighboring petrol stations, but Al-Ahram has officially announced it.

While the 80 Octane petrol's price remained the same, the 90 Octane's has increased by 30 Piasters per litre, reaching LE 1.3 for the litre. The litre of solar, low quality fuel used for transportation trucks mainly, has reached 75 Piasters, after it was 60 P.

The rise in fuel prices will inevitably lead to a drastic increase in the prices of EVERYTHING else in the coming days. I wonder if another "1977 Bread Intifada" is on the way....