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By Issandr El Amrani and friends.

Grievances dot net

Rights activist Gamal 3eid, director of HRinfo, and his colleague Sally Sami have launched a new cyber-initiative, Humum is Arabic for Grievances.

Gamal said in a press release that this new site
... aims to facilitate for human rights groups, state institutions, and volunteers to contribute to the alleviation of human rights violations.
The initiative came as a result of months of efforts exerted by the HRinfo team and a wide range of volunteers. The aim is to interact with a large number of complaints sent to HRinfo from Egypt and many other Arab countries.
The privacy of the plaintiff is put into consideration as all personal information is barred from publishing. Any response made to a complaint will be forwarded directly to the plaintiff.

"We had to do something with regards to the huge amount of complaints that reach us," said HRinfo Program Coordinator Sally Sami. "Previously, we sent complaints to specialized Arab organizations but at the same time as some groups have responded positively, solutions to problems remained partial and many complaints were not dealt with. For this reason we came up with this initiative in order to encourage related authorities and groups to contribute in dealing with the complaints that reach us," she added.
The Humum website includes sections for 18 Arab countries, where complaints coming from each country are posted in its section. In addition, Humum includes sections related to the grievances of minorities and marginalized groups in the Arab world. The Web site also introduces victims of human rights violations to the different mechanisms through which they can solve their problems.

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