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New Lebanon pics on Flickr

More pictures have been posted to the Flick account. As always, be warned: some of the pictures are extremely graphic.

You should also check out the Save Lebanon group on Flickr, which I have just joined. They have a lot more pictures.

Incidentally, I'd like to thank the person behind Shootin' the breeze, a photography website, for having donated a Flickr Pro account after seeing the picture. It will really help with the traffic the account is getting. And I'd also like to thank all the Flickr viewers who have emailed to express their dismay at the pictures. But the real hero of this story is Hanady Salman, the As-Safir newspaper editor who is sending the pictures. Let's hope he and his family stay safe.

Palestinian Boys Sleep Next To Mock Graves Of Arab Rulers During A Protest In Rafah Refugee Camp Against The Lack Of Arab Support For Palestinians In Gaza And Lebanon July 23 Reuters

Palestinian boys sleep next to mock graves of Arab rulers during a protest in Rafah refugee camp against the lack of Arab support for Palestinians in Gaza and Lebanon July 23.

An Injured Lebanese Woman 2 From The Southern Village Of Al-Tiri Is Seen At A Hospital In  Tyre 23 July  Following Israeli Air Strikes On A Convoy Of People Fleeing  Afp

An injured woman from the village of al-Titi in South Lebanon.

In A Beirut Hospital Safir Abs

Another innocent Lebanese victim.

Reem Shahrour, 18 months old, Rashidieh