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More on anti-torture website

I posted before something on one of my favorite human rights websites that monitors torturers in Egypt.

I received a message from the website editor, with more background information:
This website was founded last January, aiming at covering news about torture crimes committed by Egyptian Ministry of Interior. The working team of torture in Egypt believes that raising people's awareness of their rights is the first step to create a solid anti-torture movement.
I was the first member who joined the website staff, now we are a growing team editing, searching, publishing news and reports about torture crimes committed in Egypt by the interior ministry, and support those whose rights were violated.

Now, here is our story...
March 2005
Me sitting staring at my PC, a scream came from one of Al-Nadeem reports: "They should die otherwise we will do!" It was a woman telling here experience in a police station, meaning by" they" the police officers." Nothing could compensate what I suffered," she explained.

26 June 2005
Alaa is standing in a demonstration lifting a banner says "religion is for God and torture is for all!"
Amr came to the demo, carrying a huge list contained names of men, women, young, old, Muslims, Copts, political activists, criminals, innocents… etc. All were tortured by the interior ministry heroes. Some of them were tortured to death.

August 2005:
Me again in front of my PC trying to build a blog, where I can publish some simple researches about torture I prepared.
I sent an email to Alaa seeking his help. He encouraged and sent me some extra material.

January 2006
Amr, Alaa and me sitting in a café with their laptops preparing new and bigger website named "torture in Egypt." Each one of us was talking about the role one would play in this website.

Today, al hamdu lelah, we have more sources, many people are helping, we send a periodical newsletter to a huge number of people ,we guide some fans to NGOs where they can volunteer, and the most important, people are now more aware of their right of protection against torture.