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By Issandr El Amrani and friends.

1000 demonstrate in support of resistance

Due to some time constraints I won't be able to post a detailed report on today's pro-resistance demo, that started at 6pm and ended roughly around 8pm. However, I uploaded some photos of the protest and assaults by police-deployed thugs that I hope you'll check on my flickr account.
I'm totally disgusted by the chocking police presence, and the increasing dependence of our security forces on plainclothes thugs to "keep law and order" during demos.
At least one journalist and several demonstrators were also assaulted, but I don't know their names. Those I could recognize included dpa journalist Jano Charbel, Ahmad Droubi, who were hit in the face and the head by baton-wielding thugs, as well as Malek.

UPDATE: I've just spoken with Aida Seif al-Dawla, the chairman of the Egyptian Association Against Torture. She said she was brutally assaulted by plainclothes thugs as the demo was coming to an end. She received several punches in the stomach, sides, and chest.

UPDATE: Here are more protest pix from Mohamed el-Taher's blog.