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Hizbullah's psy-ops in Israel?

Hossam beat me to posting about the great BBC article on Israeli psy-ops (the stuff about Al Manar's satellite feed being hacked is especially fascinating, since they are all Arab or Iranian owned), but I will beat him at his own game:
Dozens of Israeli customers of the Orange cellular service provider received unexpected SMS messages on their phones Wednesday evening, with the English message:

"Now Now Now...Go out from your home Hizballah willing shelling of the area, Israel Government Cheating you And refuse recognition Defeat.”

It was not yet clear whether Hizbullah operatives were in fact behind the messages of intimidation, or whether the messages were no more than a joke in poor taste by other network subscribers.

. . .

Rani Rahav, a spokesperson for Orange, responded that the text messages were coming from a small service provider “somewhere out there in the Pacific Ocean. We are working right now to block the provider from transmitting further messages to Orange customers.”
This will be remembered in Israel as "the Micronesian betrayal."