The Arabist

The Arabist

By Issandr El Amrani and friends.

الجو جميل

Shatta Theatre Troop would like to invite you to:
“El Gaw Gameel�
"الجو جميل"

Based on
Louis Calaferte’s “Un Riche, Trois Pauvres�
Directed by Nada Sabet

An absurd play, composed of split second disjointed scenes that bring out the circus in the streets and the street in the circus. The performance is the result of improvisation based on the original text that leads to an ever-changing picture on stage where the street and circus are always evolving into each other until they gradually merge into one. “There are as many realities as you care to imagine� (Lawrence Durell).
Monday 7th August, 2006, 9pm
El-Hanager Theatre, Opera House
As part of the independent theatre troops festival