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Israel's cyber-psy-ops

The following comment came from one of the blog's readers on the posting I put earlier on the Israeli psy-ops:
To all.
I would like to inform you that your message board has been hijacked by This is a Zionist internet computer system designed by the Israeli government to attack any criticism to Israel and its madness. On this website they have a program which I downloaded and installed that gives to the user any updates on conversations, online polls, newspaper clips or blogs in which Israel is being discuss especially in a critical way. Then they urge you to respond. This creates a perception that more people than in reality agree with Zionism and Israel in general. This is how I got to this blog. Please download the program yourself and let everyone know that Israel has hijacked their legitimate discussion to create “false� public opinion.
GIYUS.ORG = Zionist propoganda


I found this Electronic Intifada article on this software
Israel's Foreign Ministry provides Free Internet Tool to online activists