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Once again, an Israeli massacre in Qana

Once more, Israel shows its "civilized" face in Qana..

Al-Jazeera is reporting 55 civilians dead, mostly women and children, in an Israeli bombardment of a three-story building that was hosting refugees, around 1am. The building contained 63 members of two families, according to Al-Jazeera.

The same town had witnessed Shimon Peres' 1996 massacring of civilians who took cover in a UN base.

Meanwhile, Hizbollah announced it killed today 8 Israeli special forces soldiers from the Golani Unit.

There may be a solidarity event this evening 7pm, in front of the Egyptian Press Syndicate, in Abdel Khaleq Tharwat St, to protest the massacre.

UPDATE: The UN building in Beirut was stormed by demonstrators angry over the silence of the so called "international community."

UPDATE: The Lebanese Health Minister announced that Israeli has killed 750 people, mostly civilians, and wounded 2000 others since the start of its military aggression against Lebanon.

UPDATE: You can find a slideshow of Qana pix here. The BBC has more pix here.

UPDATE: Al-Jazeera has just interviewed one of the woman survivors who was in the building. She said, in a total state of nervous breakdown, that there were no Hizbollah fighters in the building, or in the area.

UPDATE: A demonstration is planned this evening 7pm, Talaat Harb Square, to denounce the Israeli massacre.

UPDATE: Kefaya is calling for a demonstration tomorrow Monday, 6pm, in Tahrir Square, to mourn the Qana martyrs, and to protest Israel's war, the American backing and the Arab governments' silence.