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By Issandr El Amrani and friends.

Egypt's Christians, pro-Hizbullah?

According to an IslamOnline article:

CAIRO — Egypt's Copts have hailed the Lebanese resistance movement Hizbullah and its chief Hassan Nasrallah as a source of pride to Muslims and the Arab world, and launched a fund-raising campaign to help the Lebanese people in their current trial.

"All Arabs must be proud of Hizbullah's gallantry," Bishop Rafiq Gris, the spokesman for the Egyptian Catholic Church, told Monday, July 31.

"No matter what the results will be, Hizbullah has proved that the 'invincible' Israeli army is too weak and shown that a Frankenstein created by the Arab rulers was brought to his knees by a few number of fighters," added Yuhana Qaltah, a writer and columnist.
Even Youssef Chahine can't wait to meet Nasrallah!